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North Bros. Ratchet Hand Drill No. 1545


The North Bros. Catalog describes this drill as follows:

“Yankee” Breast and Hand Drills stand alone in ingenuity and efficiency.

They not only save time and labor, compared with other tools for the same purpose, but these “Yankee” drills work in ways and places where no other drilling tool can be worked at all.

Even where you have but an inch or so in which to move crank, the drill may be operated either right or left ratchet, or double ratchet; and with either of two speeds.

The No. 1545 is the two speeds hand drill. The length is l6 inches. Five ratchet adjustments. The reversible gearing mechanism has five separate ratcheting settings for: Plain Drill, Left-handed Ratchet, Right-handed Ratchet, Double Ratchet, and Gears Locked.

Three jaw chuck holds round drill bits up to 3/8 inch. Side handle has screw-driver blade to fit all screws in the tool.

Frame is malleable iron, with black finish. The trust on spindle is taken by a hardened steel ball bearings in upper part of the frame, and arranged that any wear can be readily taken up. Spindle is of steel.

Polished hardwood handle can be detached from frame by milled nut to use interior of handle as a magazine for drills.


Price: $395.00
Item #:  NB-1545-00

Special Pre-order

Here are pre-order steps - send email to with the following info:

1. Please confirm the drill you want. Include the Item # (NB-1545-00) from the website.

2. I will send you an invoice through PayPal for the drill and shipping.

3. I will need your email for the PayPal account if you have one. Even if you don't, you can still pay there with a credit card.

4. I will need your zip code.

5. Please include your phone number.

6. Please pay charges using PayPal and link in the invoice email.

7. I will put you on the waiting list as soon as I receive your payment.

8. The drill will be shipped to you within 45 to 49 weeks. For multiple items order, please add 2 weeks for each additional item. The waiting list is long.



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