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  Millers Falls No. 5 Hand Drill-1964 edition  

Catalog description:


Single speed, two pinion hand drill.  Frame made of malleable iron frame. Drive gear with extra wide rim. Three-jaw, spring chuck and adjustable from 0 to 1/4 inch. Black enameled frame, drive gear painted red; bright parts nickel plated. Main handle, crank and side handles in tropical hardwood. Main handle with hollow space for bits storage. Side handle detachable. Full length - 12 7/8".


Stained hardwood on all handles.  Triangular trademark: Millers Falls Co. Greenfield, Mass. Made in U.S.A.  Excellent working condition!



Item #: 564-No5-1964-01






International buyers will receive separate invoice with S&H cost after purchase is complete.


Size comparison:

MF No. 2 drill at the top
MF No. 5 drill at the bottom

Size comparison:

MF No. 2 drill at the top
MF No. 5 drill at the bottom

Fully restored:

Drill was fully disassembled - gear, spindle, bearing, chuck, handles all was taken apart. Cleaned, striped, frame and main gear re-painted. Wood on all handles cleaned, sanded and finished with red mahogany poly.

Greased, oiled, tuned and checked. Superb tool! Great addition to your toolbox or collection.


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