Millers Falls Hand Drills

  Millers Falls Hand Drill No 2 -1929.  Cocobolo Handles. "Mushroom" side handle.  

Millers Falls No. 2 hand drills built between 1929 and 1938 were all based on a frame with reinforced spindle housing.

During this almost ten-year period, many details of this drill changed. At the beginning of 1930s the company began manufacturing parts for this drill that later became a standard on two-pinion drills introduced in 1938.

Some of those parts were wide crank plate and chef’s cap side handle.

The wooden handles were also made in different wood species and finished in various ways.

The drill presented here is one of these examples. The crank and main handle (head) is made in Cocobolo. The side handle is a "Mushroom" shape, made in stained domestic hardwood. These parts follow previous models.

However, the crank plate is a departure from tapered shape into a wide plate, later used on 1938 models.

The marking on the plate has a triangular logo and reads: Millers Falls, Mass. Made in USA.

Production year is ca. 1930.


Price: $275.00



International buyers will receive separate invoice with S&H cost after purchase is complete.



Millers Falls catalog describes this drill as:


Malleable iron, black enameled frame; large gear painted red; other metal parts nickeled.


Cocobolo Hollow End Handle, with screw cap, shaped so tool may be used as a breast drill, and spare bits. Removable side grip handle.


Cut Gears with adjustable friction roll to equalize bearing. Pinion of Steel, Ball Thrust Bearing.  Reinforced spindle housing.


Chuck of Star pattern with 3 jaws opening with springs, which are Protected From Injury and Will Not Get Out of Order, and Closing Evenly on, and Centering Accurately, round shanks from 0 to 3/8 inch in diameter.




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