Millers Falls Hand Drills


Millers Falls Hand Drill No 2 -1921.  Rosewood/Cocobolo Handles!


Millers Falls catalog describes this drill as:

Rare tropical wood; malleable iron, black enameled frame; large gear painted red; other metal parts nickeled.

Hollow End Handle, with screw cap, shaped so tool may be used as a breast drill, and spare bits. Removable side grip handle. Cut Gears with adjustable friction roll to equalize bearing. Pinion of Steel, Ball Thrust Bearing. Reinforced spindle housing.

Chuck of Star pattern with 3 jaws opening with springs, which are Protected From Injury and Will Not Get Out of Order, and Closing Evenly on, and Centering Accurately, round shanks from 0 to 3/8 inch in diameter.

  Price:  $270.00
Item #:  221-No2-1921

This drill is available by Pre-order:

Send email to with the following information:

1. Please confirm the drill/brace you want.

2. I will send you an invoice through PayPal for the drill and shipping. I will need your email for PayPal account if you have one.  Even if you don't, you can still pay there with any credit card.

3. I will need your zip code.

4. Please send me your phone number.

5. Please pay charges using PayPal and link in the invoice email.

6. I will put you on the waiting list as soon as I receive your payment.

7. The drill /brace will be shipped to you within 36 to 39 weeks.

After payment is received, your order will be placed on the waiting list.  After restoration work is complete, your order will be shipped to the address associated with your payment.  The waiting time is 36 to 39 weeks.



Main frame fully stripped, re-painted and baked.  Side handle sanded, re-stained with red mahogany and painted with 3 layers of lacquer.  Main and crank handles sanded, polished, treated with BLO 50/50 and treated with 3 layers of wax.  Carnauba wax for a final coat.   Gear tight and very smooth.  Chuck disassembled, cleaned inside and out.  All inside and outside surfaces polished, including jaws for smooth operation.  Greased, oiled, tuned and checked.


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