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  Goodell-Pratt Hand Drill No 5.5 with Cocobolo Handle – c. 1922  

Goodell-Pratt catalog No 16:

This hand drill is provided with two speeds which enable it to be used on all classes of work up to its extreme capacity. The two speeds are changed by turning the Shifter Knob marked “Fast” and “Slow”. The recently improved clutch makes shifting mechanism stronger and easier to operate. The polished rosewood handle has a screw cap that can be removed when handle is used for holding drills.

Large, comfortable knob Side and Rosewood Crank Handles are provided. The frame is malleable iron, black enameled. All gear teeth are accurately cut by automatic machinery. Pinions are steel. Large Gear is finished with red enamel. The all steel Chuck has three hardened jaws for holding Round Shank Drills 0 to 3/8 inch. Bright nickel finish.

Capacity – 3/8 inch
Length – 14 ½ inches
Weight – 2 ½ lbs.


Price:  $255.00
Item#:  555-GPNo5.5-1922






International buyers will receive separate invoice with S&H cost after purchase is complete.

Fully restored: 

Main frame and gear fully stripped, re-painted and baked. Main and Crank handles sanded and polished.  Treated with BLO and 3 layers of wax.  Fourth layer is Carnauba wax. Side handle sanded, treated with Red Mahogany and lacquer. Chuck disassembled, cleaned inside and out. All inside surfaces polished, including jaws – for smooth operation.

All gear tight and smooth. Super nice! Great addition to your toolbox. Lovely Tool! Ready for work.


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