Millers Falls Hand Drills


Millers Falls Hand Drill No 2 - ca. 1906.  Cocobolo Handles!


This is very rare example of a drill dated to 1906.

This is a No. 2 drill equipped with a chuck based on McCoy's spring-less chuck adjustable from 0 to 17/64 inch.

The drill has no markings on the crank plate and the crank handle is still a small "chef's cap" shape, used on early models. Only after four years - 1910 - the crank plate was stamped with a "Star" mark and text. The handle was also replaced with an elongated shape.

The side handle is a detachable, mushroom-shaped, used for the first time on No. 2 drills. It replaced a "egg-shaped" side handle used on previous models.

Millers Falls describes this drill as:

Rare tropical wood; malleable iron, black enameled frame; large gear painted red; other metal parts nickeled.

Hollow End Handle, with screw cap, shaped so tool may be used as a breast drill, and spare bits. Removable side grip handle. Cut Gears with adjustable friction roll to equalize bearing. Pinion of Steel, Ball Thrust Bearing.


Price: $280.00
Item #:  207-No2-1906-01


This is nice, early hand drill with Cocobolo main and crank handles, finished with Tru-oil. Smooth operating drill.

Identifying markings are place on the chuck and include chuck's patent date and text. It reads: "Millers Falls Co., Millers Falls, Mass. Pat. Sept. 20, 1896."

The side, "mushroom" shaped handle is a replacement. The original handle was in such a bad shape that it didn't qualify for repair.


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